What We Do

Nine Dots Marketing Agency is comprised of seasoned digital marketing experts and has a proven track record of driving significant growth for countless leading ecommerce and marketing technology groups.

Globally Equipped

With diverse backgrounds in psychology, business, and visual design, we offer a unique perspective on marketing, customer retention, branding and user experience to clients globally.

Scientifically Based

We are passionate about understanding human behaviour, and we use that understanding to help companies develop methods to engage with customers in unique and innovative ways.

Marketing Technology Development

Innovate with custom technologies
Streamline processes and improve efficiency

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Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Identify key demographics
Tailor messages for maximum impact

Marketing Impact & Performance Monitoring

Monitor campaign performance
Optimise strategies in real time

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Campaign Management

From concept to execution
Ensure cohesive and compelling campaigns

Web Design

User-centric, responsive designs
Optimise for conversion and SEO

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Forge memorable identities
Stand out in crowded markets

Content & Social

Craft stories that resonate
Build and nurture online communities

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Where are we?

Nine Dots Marketing Agency is nestled in the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada, where creativity meets innovation and tradition merges seamlessly with modernity.

Renowned for its rich cultural tapestry and diverse population, Montreal provides an inspiring backdrop for our operations. From the historic cobblestone streets of Old Montreal to the bustling corridors of downtown, our location embodies the spirit of entrepreneurialism and forward-thinking.

Surrounded by a thriving ecosystem of startups, multinational corporations, and academic institutions, our office serves as a nexus for collaboration and ideation. Whether it's brainstorming innovative marketing strategies or shaping the latest technological advancements, we draw inspiration from the energy and ingenuity of our surroundings.

Our Consulting

The process of building a bespoke service package involves a multi-step process we have developed which starts with an initial call between our team and key stakeholders from yours to ensure alignment of expectations and project scope.

Sometimes should the project warrant it, an in-person meeting will be required before finalizing a contract. In these cases, all travel expenses are covered by our team, at our discretion.

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